Recovery Social Aftercare Club

The recovery social aftercare club is a relaxed person centered service that seeks to support and consolidate the gains individuals have made in there process.

The service is open every Wednesday evening for 3 hours and hosts a recreational type activities such as Pool/snooker, bingo, quizzes etc. In addition to the recreational activities the service has experienced support staff and recovery advocates to guide and be on-hand providing brief solution focused interventions.
This also includes access to fellowship groups recovery supports held onsite.

The service maintains a continuum of care providing follow on aftercare service and is designed to meet the needs of those who access it to enable them to reintegrate back into their communities in a way that maximizes individual supports and resources.

The Recovery Social Aftercare Club will be run by people in recovery for people in recovery which will be supported and supervised by Sankalpa Staff and Management.

Our Recovery Social Aftercare Club is hosted every Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm.