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Connect matches people to work experience opportunities in a field in which they wish to progress to full-time employment. Participants must be a minimum of three months drug free (including prescription medication) and eligible for DSP Community Employment scheme.

The programme involves developing strong relationship with a range of local employers. A 2015 survey found that 100% of employers would recommend the programme to other businesses. The programmes provides the participants with work readiness development and therapeutic supports to  help  them regain self-confidence, work-related skills, communication skills, CV development, interview preparation, placement supports, advocacy and individual educational needs assessed and addressed.

Sankalpa also provides supports to the employer and placement provider to ensure a positive and sustainable experience for all involved. Connect aims to engage employers where work placements have the potential to develop into full-time or part-time employment where there is a good match between the participant service user and employer.

We have developed the reputation for providing quality placements with good external employers that are interested in social recovery and wish to support our participants in maintaining their recovery and to enhance the local community through the provisions of understanding placements for participants that are managing many complex traumas from their experience of addiction and subsequent difficulties arising from this.