Turning Point

Turning Point is a 9 – 12 month, stabilisation programme for those service users experiencing poly-substance addiction issues, with placement priority for those service users residing in the Finglas & Cabra areas.

Sankalpa deliver a low intensity evidence based psychosocial model encompassing structured interventions aimed at stabilising and/or reducing the harm associated with illicit substance use.

The model is informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), Adult Education, Creativity (art, film, music), Complementary Therapies and Social Activities.

Turning Point focuses on providing a therapeutic environment, addiction awareness skills and substance misuse understanding, to support service users in developing their motivation and resilience to make lifestyle changes in relation to their individual rehabilitation pathway. The programme involves a focused group work programme, reduce the use initiatives, dedicated one to one key working sessions with project workers, health and well-being initiatives, art & music programmes and social initiatives.

The 9 – 12 month programme aims to create positive and meaningful change through an integrated programme of therapeutic, psychosocial and education programmes, with a focus on key skills, such as addiction awareness, managing cravings, reduce the use initiatives, developing honesty, communication skills, health and wellbeing, substance awareness, as well as lapse and relapse awareness and personal development.

Our outcome indicators include the Outcome Star, CRA tools and the use of eCASS, and service user satisfaction surveys. These provide clinical data to verify reduced substance use, evidence and participation and overall progression rate.


  1.   A comprehensive assessment
  2.   A designated keyworker
  3.   A care plan
  4.   A clear introduction to current programme participation
  5.   A stable base to explore your personal journey
  6.   Behavioral awareness and management skills
  7.   Lapse and relapse awareness
  8.   Craving and coping skills development
  9.   Self-esteem & confidence
  10.   Health and wellbeing awareness
  11.   Interagency work
  12.   An opportunity to explore and prepare for possible further move on and treatment options.


  • ⊲  Email or phone the staff office for a referral form or down load the referral form here Referral Form
  • ⊲  Complete referral form and submit to the Sankalpa team office by post/email
  • ⊲  Response regarding receipt of referral will be within 5 working days.